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About Me

Highly collaborative, multidisciplinary designer with a proven background in developing design solutions by understanding users.

In my free time, you can usually find me gardening, sketching, playing sitar or exploring the great outdoors.


How I got started in user research

After years of researching and designing user experience for physical environments and products, I began to see a greater overlap between the physical and digital worlds.


Be it spaces or products now the line between everything is becoming fuzzy. Everything around us is becoming smart and talking to each other. It was high time to take a plunge in the world of user experience. 

What I've been working on 

I have been working on various projects using the Design Thinking Process. Looking at various opportunities around me to implement the methodology to come up with design solutions that have a positive impact in our daily lives. 

What I'm curious about

How can we use design to create impactful and intuitive user interactions while simplifying life for all?

Contact me

Thanks! Message sent.

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